Next Steps For an Engineering Graduate

Next Steps For an Engineering GraduateContrary to what is perceived by many that graduation signifies the end of educational endeavors; graduation is actually a beginning. It is a beginning because new things are about to be learned after graduation. Though this may sound very scary for most new graduates, it is not so scary after all, most especially if you have made some concrete plans already.

In every chapter of our lives, we have to make plans. Graduation marks the start of a new chapter. This new chapter is a more challenging one because a lot is expected of you already. Every year, there are hundreds of thousands of graduates in various fields and disciplines all over the world. Most of these graduates have one specific goal, and that is finding a decent job.

However, not all graduates immediately land in jobs. Some will have to scamper around looking for jobs until they get hired. Fortunately though, one of the careers that have great job opportunities is engineering. Engineering is basically an integral part of this world such that the

Jobs For New Graduates

Jobs For New GraduatesPaid jobs for new graduates are as rare as hen’s teeth but the following advice will help you track down an entry post with good career prospects.

Study the High Fliers Research report if you’re still at the “A” Level stage and haven’t yet decided what to do about university. This report focuses exclusively on jobs for new graduates with the UK’s biggest and best-known employers – the major banks, oil companies and the like. These top notch employers expect to increase their graduate recruitment by 9.4% and they’ll be offering starting salaries at around £29K. Encouraging, right?

So how do you land one of these special jobs for new graduates? High Fliers Research says you should try for a place at Oxford, Cambridge, Warwick, Manchester or London because prestige employers favour these universities.

A third of these jobs for new graduates will go to grads who’ve already done industrial placements, internships or vac work and / or have been sponsored by their future employers. What this means is that you’ll have to decide which employers to target for work experience very early on

Tips on Applying to Graduate School

Tips on Applying to Graduate SchoolGraduate school provides a more specialized level of training and enhanced, expert instruction in a particular field. The most critical decision in applying to graduate school is not in selecting the institution but rather in identifying the most favorable area of study. Unfortunately, the decision-making process does not end there. Other considerations such as timing, location of study, financial aid, and the student population should all be given appropriate attention.

In this publication, we offer tips to jumpstart your search for a Master’s or Doctoral degree. We explore the common reasons for applying, the selection process, test taking, and the necessary preparations leading to attendance. These guidelines will provide you with insights into approaching the application process with confidence and will serve as a reference as you go through the application steps.
Good luck!

I. Top Reasons for Applying to Graduate School

Career Change/Advancement

People with several years of working experience often realize that their career path slowly becomes limited, or even spares no room for professional growth. Some also discover that their skill set is no longer applicable to their

Best Graduate Careers To Find

Finding a job without being a graduate is so hard and even if you did that and stopped studying, you will end up working three shifts at least to make a decent living. Graduation is also not enough for people who want to make higher levels in life and you should have more academic studies to accomplish that goal. However, you can still apply for some graduate jobs to help you have the money needed for post studies. In this article, some of the great possible graduate careers will be discussed,

– Sales person

It is very interesting and yet hard job to join any company’s sales team. Selling items will help you enhance communication and persuasion skills in a way that you didn’t even think you can.
And who knows, you may be so good at it and decide to change it to a life career by taking degrees in the sales profession which turns out to be very profitable for the right people.

– Graphic and designing work

You don’t have to get a degree for this; graduate can also work in the business of graphics, software, and hardware assembly. As always,

High School Graduation The Significance of Each Activity

There couldn’t be more fun than walking across the stage with your child wearing a gown and a graduation cap, eager to receive the diploma marking her academic success. Such are the excitements which filled the hearts of everyone. Every parent is thrilled beyond expression in the achievement of their children. The whole world seems to be celebrating along with all the graduates.

Parents are being released of stress. Who wouldn’t be? Losing some of the responsibilities steadfastly clinging during the last thirteen years is indeed a great relief. For both the parent and the graduate, this would mean a few adjustments in some aspects of their lives. Nevertheless, each one is still very enthusiastic about going through with all the hassle of the graduation rites and the big celebration that should come up next.

Graduation ceremony is defined as a rite of passage. It signifies new tasks and prospects to the graduates; it exposes them to brand new set of social circles as well as possession either of religious or the earthly values.

The usual rites happening during graduation ceremonies are:

The sermon

• The valedictory address
• The flipping of a

Career Options For MBA Graduates

Graduates of Masters of Business Administration (MBA) programs throughout the UK have a wide variety of career options ahead of them. There are a number of factors that can determine the marketability of a particular MBA graduate. Some MBA programs have a particular focus amongst their faculty and their curriculum, which makes its graduates particularly attractive to certain industries. As well, the success of an MBA graduate while in school can determine the type of position they can gain within the corporate world. Finally, MBA graduates who have done work in their field of interest, whether it is an internship or a temporary project, can gain the attention of potential employers.

MBA graduates who excel in all areas of study and professional development can land great jobs in a variety of industries. The most obvious field of entry for MBA graduates is in banking. MBA graduates can work as high level analysts and bank managers, working with individual clients and corporations on financial solutions for their needs. The reason why MBA graduates work so well in the banking field is that they have an understanding of how businesses work and their financial needs. In this way, MBA

Why Are Graduate Engineering Jobs Labelled With The Word Graduate

Looking through the job market can be confusing and searching for a new job can be stressful. If you have been searching the job market for an engineering job, then you may have noticed a lot of jobs which are labelled as graduate engineering jobs. If you are not a graduate (or even if you are), you may find yourself wondering why some jobs are labelled as graduate jobs, especially in the engineering profession, where practical experience is highly valued.

The main reason that they are labelled as graduate engineering jobs is because they are aimed at graduates and have key roles and responsibilities which are design with those who have just graduated from a university degree in mind. Although many people who have been working in the industry for a long time will also have many of the skills which are required to do the job, the job itself will include experiences which are designed to help prepare the graduate for a career in engineering. These experiences would be wasted on someone who has already had active experience in an engineering workplace.

Graduate engineering jobs may also pay a slightly lower salary than some other

If I Recruit Graduates What Skills Should They Have

If you are recruiting graduates, you will know that a lot of people are leaving university right now, who are looking for graduate jobs. As an employer who is trying to recruit graduates, then you will know that the high number of applicants is both a blessing and a curse. Having a large number of applicants for a job advert which is trying to recruit graduates will ensure that you receive a large number of highly qualified candidates, but it will also mean that you are likely to receive a lot of applications which aren’t even worth the paper which they are written on. If you are trying to recruit graduates, here is a quick list of the main skills which the graduates you recruit should have, in order to be suitable for the world of work:

1. Interpersonal skills: The graduate should be able to work as a part of a team. There are many tasks that the graduate will have done at university which will prepare the graduate for working as part of a team, and they should be able to draw upon these experiences and apply them to the world of work. If a

Successful Parenting in Graduate School

As a parent, my primary goal was to make positive childhood memories for my daughter. My goal for graduate school was to stay focused and finish with a degree. By the time I started my master’s and doctoral program, my daughter was in third grade; I realized that to be a successful parent and a competitive graduate student I had to draw some boundaries and be practical and parsimonious with my time. I let my advisor know upfront that I could not attend meetings after 3:00 pm because I wanted to be home when my daughter got home from school. I valued the time I spent with my daughter and respected my advisor’s schedule by being honest at the outset of our advisor/advisee relationship.

If you are a parent preparing to apply to graduate school prioritize how much time and effort to give to your child, spouse, advisor, colleagues, and other competing obligations. Understand that graduate school might take longer because you have other responsibilities. To finish your degree and raise a happy child, you don’t have to be a perfect parent or a perfect graduate student. In seeking a balance between the two responsibilities, try to

Recruit Graduates An Ideal Choice For Employers

It is quite normal for companies to employ experienced and skilled people to work as against fresher’s as they think they need not waste time on training. However in this article we are going to have a glimpse into the various reasons why companies must recruit graduates and what are the advantages they derive out of it.

Many companies do not consider recruiting graduates but then companies should understand it is a great idea to employ graduates. Graduates are an amazing resource and recruiting graduates will help the company in a big way. Investing on graduates is definitely worth it as in one can see tremendous benefits in the long run. The positives predominate the negatives of recruiting graduates

Experienced People Work Better

This is the most common reason why people do not go in for recruiting fresh graduates. The only advantage when an experienced person is inducted is there is absolutely no investment in training. But then companies need to understand that fresher’s are all ready to learn as their only aim would be to impress in the first job. They will be ready to learn and mould the way you want them to.

Which Graduate School Is Right for You

To find a grad school that’s right for you, you should search the Internet for school rankings, ask professors and professionals in the field for recommendations, and consider your personal needs. Below are some additional factors you should assess to find a school that best suits your needs.


After you’ve determined the discipline you plan to pursue, research the schools within that field to see how they rank. In early 2012, U.S. News released its rankings for the top graduate schools of 2013. The researchers of U.S. News used statistics to measure the quality of schools’ faculty, research, and students, including information on job placement success after graduation and faculty-to-student ratio. In addition to checking current research such as that of U.S. News, you should make sure that you conduct your own to find a school that offers the specific courses that you will need for your academic and career goals.


Graduate school is expensive. When you consider the cost, you should factor in that you may have to reduce your work hours or possibly quit your job to devote the necessary time to your studies; consequently, you could be facing a

Does Graduate Management Training Really Work

Graduate management training schemes are fiercely competitive things to get onto, but is all this tooth-and-claw applying and interviewing worth is? Are the pay-offs from a graduate training programme worth it? Would it not be better to learn a business organically, from the bottom up? And what are the prospects for a graduate once they have gone through this type of training scheme? All of these questions will be addressed in this article, so read on!

It turns out that graduate management training pays off for all parties involved. Both the businesses and companies that take graduates on, and the graduates themselves profit from the training. Financially and functionally, businesses have been shown again and again to profit from putting graduates through their training programmes.

Not only does the current job market mean that businesses now have an almost alarming high-quality batch of graduates to choose from, but the competitive nature of getting onto a graduate management training scheme means that your graduates are the ones who absolutely want to be there and will stop at nothing to succeed.

Added to this, the injection of fresh blood into a business or company, via the schemes,

Improve Your Career With Graduate Programs

In today’s very competitive job market, it is so hard that a bachelor’s degree may just not be enough. If you are planning to go even further in better your employment, you might need to consider graduate school to go beyond a bachelor’s degree. Going to graduate school will help you further your career and achieve your goals.

Your field of study is narrower and delves deeper, forcing a mastery of your chosen field. Graduate school coursework emphasizes problem-solving skills, analytical talent, and communication and people skills. It can be hard to find a high-paying job in education, social work, medical fields, science and engineering without an advanced degree. A graduate degree is a great achievement that increases job satisfaction and self-confidence. With graduate program, you will develop clearer goals and possess greater motivation as well as a commitment to doing more intensive work in a field that you love.

The benefits of graduate studies are numerous. Graduate program will typically involve discussions than lectures. You will also discover that the friendships and connections you make in graduate school are deeper than your previous education experiences. It’s a fact that graduate degree is more prestigious than

Middle School Graduation Announcements

A graduation announcement for a middle school event causes excitement in everyone. Therefore you should make efforts to ensure that the middle school graduation announcement creates a wow factor for your child. Of course you will not die if you do not make a good graduation announcement but it does help your cause if you at least try. The middle school graduation ceremony is a rite of passage for you junior high school child and you should therefore treat it with the appropriate dignity. You do not have to go overboard with the whole pomp and circumstance thing but you must at least try to make it look like a celebration.

There will be some level of traditional pomp that goes with the middle school graduation ceremony and it is not a good idea to ignore all forms of tradition. However I believe in updated tradition to ensure that it meets with the requirements of the ceremony as you find it. It is useless to try and impose a modern framework on a ceremony if everything else is traditional. They will not match. I know that children do like the ceremonial of moving with the tassels as

The Ultimate Preschool Graduation Speech

If you are dealing with toddlers who are just finishing one of the various stages of their preschool education under the Montessori system, then you might think that graduation speeches are beyond their understanding and therefore you do not have to apply yourself. If you are one of these people who operate on this type of thinking you couldn’t be more wrong. Graduation speeches are one of the climactic events on any graduation whether it is for a Doctorate in Philosophy or the preschool graduation ceremony for your toddler. The only difference is that you may have to pitch the speech to a totally different audience each time.

Whereas for the grown up graduate, you will be talking about adult themes such as finding a job and getting married, at a preschool graduation you will likewise be talking to them about things that matter to them. These might include the next stage of education and their choices of where they want to be. When you are dealing with toddlers of a preschool age or a mature student at the university you will need to limit the length of the speech so that people are not bored. There

Graduate Recruitment

In these tough economic times, and after a period where central government pushed an agenda of more students through higher education, the amount of competition is often leaving many graduates frustrated, exhausted, disappointed and either unemployed or not in the type of job they ever envisaged after they went through clearing some four years before.

But graduates who do their careers homework can easily improve their chances, and still get into the career they desire.

Graduate jobs
There are five questions that any job seeker, including graduates, should resolve before and then while looking for a job:

  1. What do I offer: skills, qualifications, experiences
  2. What do I seek to do: job in which market, level, geography and income
  3. What does the market want: is what I am looking for actually being recruited for at present? If not, go and look again at (2)
  4. What does employer specifically seek: think about company and its culture, as much as the job
  5. What does that employer/job offer you: what could you write on your CV after doing the job for two years? That’s what you are taking to the next position/employer, that is what progresses your career

Graduate scheme
While most

Importance of Graduation Rhymes

Graduation is one of the most momentous events in the lives of students and their families. Graduation poems can bring life to any kind of graduation invitations, announcements, and thank you cards. It will also give added drama to any kind of graduation speeches. There are lots of graduation rhymes on the internet which you can seek if you need them on this special day. A graduation rhyme fills a lot of purpose during graduation time. Just like any caps and gowns they are also important on this very special day. They can be copied on the web and they can also be your own composition. Graduating students are very busy during this time but they deserve special attention because their achievement is priceless and worth celebrating.

Composing a special rhyme may need some special words of light point throughout the speech; possibly, your hardships can be the biggest part of your speech. They can also help you with your graduation announcements to let everyone know about your achievements. Your message will depend on the purpose you are trying to imply to your readers. As you prepare for your graduation caps, you shouldn’t forget to prepare

Jobs for College Graduates

Graduating college is a momentous occasion for any graduate. However, it is also the time when graduates must face the harsh reality that the job market is a treacherous environment. For instance, an MBA graduate a few years ago could almost be guaranteed a job at the latest top producing firm. Unfortunately, times have changed and MBA graduates face the same major challenges as their undergraduate counterparts. If you read the latest reports about jobs for MBA graduates the employment success stories are becoming fewer each day. One of the main reasons for the downturn of jobs for an MBA graduate and other college graduates is due in part to the economy and hiring freezes occurring by employers. It seems that employers across the board are being extremely cautious hiring new employees. To my best guess the alarming amount of hiring freezes may have something to do with budget restrictions and an increase in employee salaries.

For instance, a current college graduate with an MBA will have a beginning salary that ranges from $90,000 to $175,000 annually.

Amazing right?

Can you imagine being an employer in need of a person with this skill set of

Honoring College Graduations

Every graduate of any college degree knows the difficulties of being a college student. It takes them years to finish their education. Along the years they have studied, they went into lots of challenges and unforgettable memories. The moment they graduate from college, they deserve to have a blast party. The more fun and exciting it is going to be, the more memorable it will be.

The following are some of the ideas we can do for college graduation celebrations. It is a way for honoring college graduations.

First of all, we need to collect graduation booklets and invitations plus other materials in order to honor graduation traditions. It is a tradition for college graduates to have a ceremony that they will remember for the rest of their lives. As parents or relatives of the graduate, we can contribute by presenting a framed display of all the graduate’s documents.

Another way of honoring the occasion is by buying a household gift. It can be anything that is useful like kitchenware, furniture, or any items that we think would help the graduate with his future career. He or she might think of living independently soon, and

Planning to Enroll to Top Graduate Schools

When you think and plan to go and get graduate studies you will also think of what specific programs to study, where to take this graduate program, or if you are qualified to take this graduate program at all. Having a graduate degree under your wings can be a good career boost for you and can even lead you to better paying employment opportunities. In this regard, finding the top graduate schools wherein you can take your graduate program will be the priority. The cost of these graduate studies has to be taken into consideration also because the best universities offering these graduate programs may be very expensive also.

Are Graduate Studies Essential?

Having a bachelor’s degree can already land you a good job, but having a graduate degree can land you to jobs at a more senior level. This is a career opportunity you can get from having a graduate program. Going to top graduate schools can add to these good career opportunities. However, you have to think of the sacrifices that you will have also, especially if you are presently working and the additional hours of study will be hours taken away from your